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Hi, I'm Christian

I'm a VR/AR and Web Front-End Developer & UX|UI Designer. I'm very passionate about the user experience and intuitive fluid interactions when it comes to people navigating websites and 3D virtual environments. I'm highly motivated, creative, friendly, and resourceful. I'm a graduate from the University of California, San Diego. I studied Cognitive Science (specializing in Neural Computation) and Computer Science (focusing on Virtual Reality).

I have experience with front-end responsive web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript). I also have a strong passion and interest for virtual reality and augmented reality technologies (Unity and C#). I possess experience in both small startup companies and large corporate environments. Notable past employers include NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Intel, where I worked as a front-end software developer.

On a personal note, I also love bicycling and world travel! I've embarked on backpacking trips around South America, Asia, Europe, and I recently returned from a life-changing 6 month trip through Africa. I enjoy interacting with people of all backgrounds and learning about new cultures and how different people see the world. I like chatting about travel, philosophy, and technology.

Feel free to check out my resume for more info.

Table Mountain @ Cape Town, South Africa

VR Projects

Exercising with a Virtual Personal Trainer

  • Immersive application that allows users to experience having a personal exercise trainer in virtual reality
  • Coach performs a series of specific poses and user tries to copy the pose
  • User receives visual feedback on performance
  • Body parts that are matched turn green, unmatched remain red
  • User's body joint coordinates are tracked with 3rd party motion capture cameras
  • User's coordinates are then parsed to dynamically created user skeleton
  • User avatar is attached to skeleton using Unity Inverse Kinematics
  • Application is platform agnostic and only utilizes user's gaze
  • User interaction menu:
    • Poses
    • Coaches (male, female)
    • Environments (indoors, outdoors)
    • Settings
  • Check out this project's "Product Landing Page"

Dragonball XYZ Game

  • Interactive 2-player VR game for the Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers
  • Objective is to find all 7 dragon balls, by defeating 7 enemies
  • User + partner fly through the world on a nimbus cloud
  • Cloud is navigated by following the direction that the user's left hand is pointing
  • Can use a "dragon radar" map to find ball locations in real time
  • Can use a "grab attack" to grab and move enemies
  • Can attack enemies by launching fireballs from left hand
  • Abilities are activated via heads-up display menu
  • Developed using Unity

Cyber-Archaeology Exhibit

  • Public exhibit displayed in UC San Diego main library
  • Comprised of 6 TV monitors arranged in a graph format
  • CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) format creates more immersion
  • Main menu displays 3D model of Earth, which user can interact with using Xbox controller
  • User scrolls between various archaeological sites around the world to learn more information
  • Site information varies between 360 images, normal images, and 3D models
  • Project aims to spread awareness about at-risk heritage sites around the world
  • I was responsible for researching, designing and implementing improved user interface
  • UI update increased user engagement by over 300%
  • Developed using Unity engine

NASA Spacecraft Design in AR

  • Internship project at NASA JPL OpsLab
  • Implemented user interactions for spacecraft design application
  • Can be thought of "AutoCAD in AR"
  • Application uses Microsoft HoloLens AR headset
  • I was in charge of developing following interactions:
    • Free rotation of 3D object
    • 90° rotation about X axis
    • 90° rotation about Y axis
    • 90° rotation about Z axis
    • Reset rotation of object
    • Translate object in 3D space
    • Display time-delayed tooltips

Award-Winning Hackathon VR Project

  • Educational experience that allows user to take part in the process of copper production in the Bronze Age
  • Immerses user in a VR recreation of Khirbat en-Nahas, a known copper mining site of King Solomon
  • Places user in the 3 main stages of copper production:
    1. Placed in an underground mine and is required to excavate copper ore by striking rocks with pick-axe
    2. Taken above ground to smelt and extract copper from raw ore by operating bellows-powered furnace
    3. User presents copper artifact to King Solomon
  • Project won 1st place in competition
  • Developed for Oculus Rift
  • Check out this project's page on DevPost
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